Plexiglass Milky Side curtains

by Don Hensley
(Kansas City, Missouri)

I have a 2006 Rinker 282BR with a full enclosure canvas and vinyl boat cover. My daughter 2 weeks ago remove the winter enclosures which included the side, front and rear panels. She folded them up stored them in a boat compartment that got wet. When I found them and the clear see through or vinyl see through side and front curtains had turned milky to the point you can not see through them. Before this they were in perfect conditions. I have laid them out to dry and what I would like to know is will the vinyl see through panels clear up and be useable?? Is there a trick to the trade to clear them up??

Thank you

Hi Don,
Yes, they should clear up over time. Especially once the sun can really hit them and the moisture finally leaves the plastic. If for some reason they do not, then there will be not any way to speed up the process other than let it happen naturally.

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