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Jun 01, 2021
Side Curtains
by: Tammy

It sounds like you have a thick gauge of plastic on your boat enclosure side curtains. Making them softer won’t happen for you, but making them lay flatter can happen.

If you can’t take them home and put them in a warm environment and weight them down as they relax and transport them back flat, then take a hair dryer to the boat and heat them up. It’s heat that will make them relax, then you put them up while they are warm and you may lessen how short they are.

From there you will need EZ-Xtend Zippers to help the reach the snaps or each other. They will never again reach the snaps without the zippers, short of cutting the frame that holds your bimini top and we aren’t going in that direction.

You can piggyback EZ-Xtend zippers if needed.

Because your panels have shrunken so much to start with, I would make every effort to store them flat, or if you must roll them, roll them onto something like 3 pool noodles so they don’t kink.

Hope this helps, good luck with your efforts.

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