Steps to attaching bimini and enclosures!

I have a 1987 Shamrock Cuddie tha I remodeled. It has the bimini and front and side (both) enclosures. My question is: I would like to know the steps to take when snapping and zipping the bimini and enclosures to the boat (front, over windshield and both sides)? I'm having trouble lining them up. Is there a trip to making this easier? At which point do I start and finish? I've never used them and am new at this part! Thanks, Janis

Hi Janis,
Getting that pesky enclosure installed can be challenging. Without specifically seeing your job, I will try and give a few tips.
First, the windshield snaps on many boat will slide on the windshield frame with a little help. Some are drilled in, but most are not. If they are stuck,they can be tapped in one direction or another to achieve a better fit. However moving them can cause problems for another cover using the same boat snaps, such as; a cockpit cover. Moving a few snaps may be all you need.
If you are having trouble with the zippers. Try starting a zipper, but don't zip it the entire way. Once starting the zipper you may have the ability to move to the trouble spot, attach it, then finish zipping the zipper.
If zippers are not aligning or reaching to one another, please see my EZ-Xtend boat zipper page and my align a zip page to see if this can be a solution to the dilemma. You may be able to relieve the pressure with one of these boat zipper product. If you still need to contact me use the form on my about us page and it will lead you directly to me.
Best Regards,
Tammy Hampton

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