Top Notch - 'Marbling' problem.

by Simon

I am a licensed aircraft engineer and custom aircraft cover maker from the UK and specialise in making light aircraft covers and engine intake/exhaust/storage covers. I opted for Weathermax80 as my choice for light aircraft and it is perfect in this application. I chose 'Top Notch' 11oz for my engine intake covers as it is slightly heavier and more suited. I recently used a roll of red Top Notch to make some intake covers for a Boeing 737g and was very pleased with the results. I then ordered two rolls of charcoal grey Top Notch for another customer and after cutting out the panels as soon as I folded or creased them, heavily visible white lines appeared over the whole surface. Appearance wise it looks dreadful and I am having to seriously reconsider the fabric/colour choice as I cannot send them to the customers like this! I have been in touch with the manufacturer and importer in the UK and they are researching it. Note other colours in the range from our samples displayed the same characteristics! Seemingly only black and red don't seem to be affected as much. Top Notch9 (Elite) seems the same.
I just wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem?!



Hi Simon,
I have seen this phenomena in Sunbrella in the past. It happens in the process somehow.
Sunbrella corrected it and I image they will too with time.
Top Notch 9 is sort of silky. It resembles weathermax 80 but heavier. You might like it while you work through this problem.
Thanks Tammy

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