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Nov 18, 2017

by: Tammy

Thank you Ron, I am very grateful and delighted by your comments. I am happy EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers has been a great solution for you. I am going to use your testimonial on the website. Thanks again!

Nov 15, 2017
EZ-Xtend Zipper Saved the Day
by: Ron W.

I purchased a used 27' Sundancer about a year ago.
I came with the Bimini, side curtains & windshield eisenglass panels along with a bimini to transom cover with eisenglass also.
I don't think the original owner ever put anything up except the bimini.
Nothing would fit, ever where it was short.
If I cheated and put the windshield panels in the side curtains were never even close. If I did it the other way, sides first front panels were off. The canvas is hi quality material from a well known manufacturer.
Started researching about what to do. Then I came across a blog on the Searay owners site. One of the chats was about what I had going on. One owner who replied had purchased your zippers and was raving about solving his problem using them.
Well I'm here to "RAVE" about them also. My $300.00 investment with you has saved me thousands in replacing what is perfectly good canvas.
Boaters if you have a shrinkage problem and we're not talking the George Costanza kind this is your answer.
Your site has also grown to include more helpful information on boat care and maintenance. Great information and wonderful tips.
Thanks again

Jun 20, 2017
Zip from the top down
by: Carol in Tampa

Hi Jill,

Ours zip from the top down with the screens on the outside. That way you can open the flap if the rain is light and if any rain gets in it simply slides down the window and out side the boat. No leaking when you zip from the top down. Our old boat had it zip from the bottom up, but that means you cannot open them at all when it is raining, even raining lightly. So no ventilation, and of course drips through the zipper. Flip the zipper over and you have no leaking and some ventilation in light rain. Voila!

Jun 19, 2017
U zip rain flap
by: Tammy

Hi Jill,
Take a look at this boat enclosure photo. It's not a great photo, but I think you will be able to see it. It's just built out of fabric and it sewn onto the plastic. I would recommend double sided sticky tape as it is sewn down. Rain hits it and can't reach the zipper for the most part. One could even add velcro if the water run through were bad enough.
Hope this helps.

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