Use the same plexiglass or replace with new or lighter product?

by Bob Wihlidal

We have an old 1987 24 foot Peterborough Pontoon boat. The previous owner installed 4 sides of plexiglas sheets. I've cleaned then pretty well but not sure if the added weight is good to haul around. Is it affordable to replace with soft sides, or thinner plexiglas? Nice to have the protection from rain & wind. Any ideas are appreciated.

I can take some pictures and email them from my phone but not sure how to upload them below.

Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,
Plexiglass is something you don't see that often on pontoon boats. I am not sure I would worry to much about the weight unless it is slowing you down. I think the thing that would be more worrisome would be the fact that you can't open them up.
You can upload photos in here by first putting them on your computer.
I am not sure what you have for shade that the plexiglass is hanging from, but I am going to assume it is some sort of hard top.
Anyway, clear vinyl that you can roll up would be nice and yes I would think it would be about 50% lighter. You can expect to spend 250 - 500 a panel. There are several price points on the clear vinyl as well as quality and fabrics that will effect the price. Some photos would be very helpful.
Contact me from the contact us page and we can speak directly, if you like.

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