Want to use water resistant zippers like ykk Aquaguard to replace a toothy #10 with Velcro flaps to deflect water. Are these durable enough to handle air pressure when running at 25knots?

by Ken Coffey
(Calgary Canada )

Conventional enclosure zippers with a canvas and velcro flap are quite wide and obstruct a substantial part of the view. With watertight zippers sewn directly onto the clear plastic on both sides there is a comparably narrow band that is opaque. Standard practice has a substantial width of canvas attached to the zipper and then attached to the plastic on the other side. Have you seen this done with success?

YKK does make a waterproof zipper, this is true. I'm not a big fan of sewing zippers directly to plastic, however another plan is what I do with most every project I do. Instead of using fabric to create the strip the zipper is sewn to, use sunbrella binding as the backer for the zipper. 1" binding sewn flat to the clears edge gives a great backer for sewing a zipper onto and the added strength. Then before you sew on the zipper, bind the edge of both the clears and the flat binding for a finished edge. This method covers the zipper as well. If you decide to use waterproof zippers with double sided tape and you will truly have a waterproof environment.

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