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Oct 30, 2016
Leaking boat cover
by: Tammy

Hi Michael,
The first thing I see in your photos is a soaked cover.
Sunbrella is considered a water resistant boat cover material.
Over time it lessens. Especially if it get's washed.
Your is ready to be waterproofed. Clean it well and waterproof. That will be a good start.
Next you will have to lift that cover off of the sundeck. Putting a traditional pole on it really won't be a possibility, because it will compress the foam in one spot and ruin the sundeck.
You might try a 12" square piece of wood with some carpet stapled on the side that meets the sundeck, then insert something such as a ball between the wood and cover. As large a ball as can be used. This should keep the water shedding.
There are also some shorty poles that have a wide base and rounded wide base at the top that were developed for this situation. I would still sit on the wood to distribute the weight. You can find these types of poles by googling boat cover support poles and look at images.
Hope this help.

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