What did they use back in the 60's 70's before these new products. for a bimini and enclosure?

by dom dimento
(south Jersey)

No problem really, just curious. I've been learning to make boat stuff for the last few years in my spare time for myself, not others. So far I reupholstered outside seating, and a bow lounge cushion, with naugahide. I made a mooring cover with stamoid, and side curtains with crystal klear and sunbrella.

When I started boating in the 70's Everything was white. Bimini's, enclosures, winter covers, etc. Only the textures and thicknesses differed. I think it was all just canvas, it only came in white, and was either finished or raw depending on your application. Is that so? That's why we still refer to it as canvas today even though there are many fabrics to choose from. Enlighten me.

It was cotton duck way way back, then came poly-cotton (gray, blue, gold) are common colors, which are actually still on the market. Another that came along was sport topping. PVC Vinyl on the topside and cotton on the bottom inside. You might have seen that one and may be actually what you remember in the 70's it looks like a dark denim on the bottom side, but most of the time white or off white top side and it also was popular with a light gray on the bottom side. It too is still on the market. It's actually still commonly used as a an inexpensive boat fabric by manufacturers. Kind of a cool fabric really, because it takes the shape so well of the boat.
Anyway, all of this fabric is actually still on the market. Not used as much anymore, but still there.
Thanks for the question.

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