What do u know about 1200 Superior Guard?

by Julianne
(Las Vegas)

Im trying to find a cover for my 25ft Pontoon boat. On line I found something called 1200 Superior Guard sold by: BuyMarineCovers.com. Says its Rugged 1200 denier marine polyester canvas, breathable and 100% waterproof fabric, mold and mildew resistant and UV protected. I looked at Sunbrella and it says the same things only its more expensive. It seems to me the descriptions are the same but I want to know if it really is as good. Its on sale and much cheaper than the Sunbrella cover I found. It has a 10 year warranty but says the warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, acts of nature, or stains from dirt or pollutants. The manufacturer guarantees 3 years but then it says Select Covers guarantees it another 7 years making it a total of 10 years. My seats are white and I was worried if the fabric would rub on the chairs and stain them Im not sure what to make of it what do you think.

I'm not familar with that particular fabric. Many of the fabrics that are used by big production companies are not available on the market or have been renamed.
Sounds pretty fair to assess it as ok, due to the fact that it is 100 % polyester, and they stand behind their fabric. There is no guarantee that it won't begin to degrade and powder onto your seats. This is a habit of many polyesters. I am working on one now where that is beginning to happen. It sounds inexpensive, so keep an eye on it and replace it if you begin to see any changes. Usually the fine powder from the fabric breaking down comes right off. So I'd say, go for it.

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