what gauge plastic should I use for the screen enclosure window

by Jayne Schwartz
(Chicago Il)

It seems my rear window of my boat enclosure where there is a screened window to open is a thinner gauge than the front and side isinglass. I don't know the gauge of either one so how can I figure out what to buy to make the repair?

Hi Jayne,
We do it by touch and sight. If you are making the repair yourself, then your sewing machine is going to dictate what you use. Most boats use 30 or 40 roll or sheet, with 30 being the more common as well as sheet over roll goods.
You also may be feeling the difference between roll and sheet product. Roll has a softer touch.
A home sewing machine most likely wont sew 30 gauge sheet and maybe not 30 roll. If you are getting it replaced professionally then they will most likely know what you are dealing with. Sheet products are more important for the front windows because of better clarity. There is an extruded roll vinyl that has the clarity and touch that the sheet vinyl does, but not quite the price tag.
You may do fine with the regular 30 ga. roll vinyl back there, especially if you are trying to sew it yourself. Let me know if you would like a sample of both.
Hope this helps.

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