what is the best material for towing

by Tom P.
(Greendale Wi)

What material is best for towing. Stretch resistance and abrasion resistance in areas where the cover will rub on the gelcoat. Also which fabric will not cause the boat toe get extremely hot inside the boat. I am looking for a covr that will keep the boat dry, ware well and not scratch the finish. The boat is black, it shows every scratch.

I would check into a fabric called Top Notch. What I like about this boat cover material is it's strength. It has the look of sunbrella and is fairly soft by comparison to many other polyesters. It's breathable and color fast, has a 5 year warranty. If you cut it with a pair of scissors and try and rip it with your hands, you will have a hard time. It really is one tough fabric.
Now if you want even softer, but still stronger than sunbrella, try weathermax 80. It is lighter than sunbrella, but stronger.
It will be gentle to your gelcoat. Also breathable and has a 5 year warranty.
Since your hull is black then maybe the softer weathermax 80 is the answer.
For heat build up, use vent so port coupled with your tent poles. This will allow hot air to escape quickly, cutting down on heat damage and mildew.
Hopefully that will help with your search. You will only find these fabrics from a custom shop, very unlikely to find anything pre-made in these fabrics.
Thanks for the question, Tammy

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