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May 21, 2019
Actual experience
by: Bob

I'd recommend using Top Gun. It's all I've used for winter covers and we get an average of 200 " of snow a season. It has all the attributes you are looking for. You will need to put vents in every 60" because it does not breathe. Tenting it over a ridge pole is enough frame work. I have covers nearing 10 years old and just saw it the other day and it has no signs of not going another 10.

Apr 22, 2019

by: Tammy

Hi Susan,
Acrylics are your longest lasting fabric. That would include Sunbrella, Tempotest and Recacril, all with 10 year warranties.
For the northern snow climate, if it sits outside you will have to build a support for the cover, so the it’s pitched to help the snow slide off.
Acrylics will not be abrasive to the fiberglass. Don’t expect to never have to build the cover again, unless you don’t plan to keep the boat long term, as that may be unrealistic. Be sure to use lifetime thread.
Best Regards,

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