What product breathes the best?

by 510man
(Atlanta, GA)

I store a deck boat in a carport-like storage facility. I'm having a mold problem on the inside of my covers. I've tried several types. The cover primarily keeps birds and blown dirt out. The roof keeps it dry and protected from the sun.

The old cotton canvas seemed to breathe better allowing the boat to dry out but these covers are now hard to find. The newer products retain moisture and thus mold. The cover's instructions advise not to launder but I end up having to soak them in a baby pool with some bleach and then rinse them out with a pressure washer to get rid of the mold.It's a lot of trouble to do and my old canvas covers never had this issue.

What product breathes best when a boat spends most of its time in covered storage?

Boy your asking a tough question. Many boat cover materials are breathable, sunbrella, weathermax80, top notch elite.
To what degree do they out breath each other, well of the above list I would put sunbrella at the top of that list. The others seem to have a tighter weave.
There are a few other ways to help control mold under your cover. First is boat vent II at each tent pole. Since heat rises, the heat will go up and out quicker. This method helps your boat dry quicker even under cover. Next thing is an air dryer. It's just a plug in disk that drys the air and works well both winter and summer. Next is kanberra gel. A couple of jars of that place in the floor of the boat will also help control the mold. It's a problem for everyone, but those are the best ways I know of to help control the mold. Last keep your boat as clean and dry as possible before putting it away.
Do you know what type of fabric you have?

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