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Dec 27, 2021
Fit a new enclosure
by: Tammy

Your welcome Howard!
Good luck with your project.

Dec 26, 2021
Thank you
by: Howard

Thank you Tammy for the reply. I need to work on my grammar as well LOL

Dec 22, 2021
When to fit an enclosure
by: Tammy

Clear plastic shrinks over time.
That is why you are hearing opinions about what is the best temperature and where the sun is in the sky.
It can shrink as much and over 5% over it’s life.

In terms of when to pattern or install an enclosure, I would offer that you ask yourself what you would like to see happen.

A well built, wrinkle free enclosure looks great and adds value to a boat. Anyone who patterns would like to achieve that look on their boats.

With that wrinkle free enclosure in mind ….

If you pattern in chilly weather, your enclosure will be loose in the hot weather. Even to the point of sloppy looking.

If you pattern in warm weather, snapping and zipping is going to harder in cold weather. Then after shrinkage you could find yourself in real trouble.

Mama bear, Papa bear, Baby bear, what is just right.

For professionals, you don’t always get the choice. We have to roll with the weather year round and our schedules.

For boat owners taking a stab at building their own, I’d suggest you go for temps around 65 -70 or as close to room temp as you can. The glass will will be comfortable, not too flexible and not too contracted. It doesn’t hurt to pick a less sunny day either, because the side exposed to the sun will be softer than the side not exposed to the sun.

Finally, keep your enclosures and canvas snapped when you leave the boat. If you don’t, expect shrinkage in those panels and canvas quicker thank if you had snapped all the panels in place.

Thank you for the compliment on the website.
Now if I could just learn proper grammar and spelling 😀

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