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Jul 13, 2019

by: Tammy

I can offer a possibility here.
As a boat ages and the cushions are cleaned repeatedly with cleaners to remove dirt and mildew, the surface of the vinyl looses it’s ability to resist damage.
There actually are fungal/microbial elements that can grow on this damaged surface.

I just had a customer where the backs of the seat turned bright red after being covered with a red cover. I was called in to see if the cover was bleeding. My clues were two fold.
First, it wasn’t happening on every surface where the cover was touching, only the fronts. I ran my hand over the surface and could feel a slight difference in the texture of the aging vinyl.

I asked the owner had they removed mildew from the surface of the the vinyl and she admitted to using various cleaners there.

What had happened, was the original surface of the vinyl had been worn down enough to loose it’s resistance and some kind of weird red microbial problem developed. The red did fade little by little in the sun.

What I do suggest is a product called OBEX nanotechnology surface protecter. This should help the situation.

Jul 10, 2019
Burgundy sunbrella color transfer to upholstery
by: Phil

I have sunbrella color transfer from older burgundy boat cover. The boat cushions turn mauve after the boat is covered for a week. I tried placing beach towels between cover and upholstery but that didnt work. Even keeping the canvas suspended above the upholstery. No this is not mildew. Today's temp here in Arizona is 113 degrees and its mid July. I do think it is a heat associated issue that may cause color outgassing. My local boat canvas shop doesnt know why not does their Sunbrella rep.

Jun 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your input, Tammy. Still investigating the situation, but good to hear you have never seen the color transfer.

May 29, 2017
Sunbrella and color transfer
by: Tammy

In the 30 years of using sunbrella as a boat cover material, I have never seen color transfer. What I have seen happen is some kind of mold/mildew that grows on the surface and looks discolored when the cover is removed. However when the sun hits it, the discoloration disappears. Make sure this isn't what is happening.

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