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Jan 30, 2017

by: Tammy

Millions of boat enclosures are made with sunbrella, so I am not sure what he is concerned about. Maybe the bimini frame is a little too flat and he is concerned about it pooling water. It does tend to stretch a bit in moist weather.
There are other good alternatives. If you are looking for 10 years, Aqualon Edge has a 7 year warranty, plus stays 30% cooler beneith it. Bet you could pull off 10 years with it. It's a new fabric and the cousin of the original Aqualon. You also have weathermax 80 and Top Notch 9, but both only have a 5 year warranty. Surelast only had a 3 year warranty, so not surprised it didn't make 10 years.
Best of luck with it.

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