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Jun 13, 2017
Sunbrella shrinkage
by: Tammy

Hi Carol,
Thank you for the compliments. For the gaps in the corners you might try the drip shields as a companion for the zippers.
You can find them here.
First let's make sure it's sunbrella. There is another fabric commonly used for those types of tops and and occasionally a boat enclosure and it's called Seamark. You can identify Seamark, because it is Sunbrella on the outside and what appears to be vinyl on the inside. It's made by a company called Haartz and they actually take Sunbrella and coat it, creating Seamark.
If your top is Sunbrella you can look for about 1% +/-. Seamark a bit more because of the vinyl shinking.
Duplications are very tricky and most fabricators won't do them. However, I can see your need to try. If you have the front boat enclosure and sides, hang them and see what you need to reach the snaps. This will give you a good indication of what to do. I hope this helps, feel free to add a comment and I'll help the best I can from here.

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