How much does sunbrella marine shrink?

by Carol

bimini shrinkage

bimini shrinkage

We have used your zipper extendz and they are awesome! However, now it is time to replace our two sections of bimini, forward of radar arch and behind radar arch. I plan to replace it myself, and use my 8 year old bimini fabric as the pattern for the replacement. As I plan my fabric calculations, I am wondering how much additional fabric I should add to my existing bimini to make up for the shrinkage that has occurred? While I love your zipper extends they have created gaps in my corners of my canvas that allow rain water to infiltrate the cockpit in heavy Florida storms. So I will keep them for future use if needed but would love to get my new bimini to fit with the old curtains that still are fine. (We only use them on our weekend outtings then store them and put on the cockpit cover, so they are in good shape.) The bimini is such a pain it stays up unless we trailer long distances, so it has gotten quite brittle. I suppose I could add in an inch in each direction which would account for the zipper extends, but then if it shrinks I'm back to the same issue. So should I go 1.5" or more? Appreciate all your help and love your site.

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