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Jun 12, 2017
Smile Screens
by: Anonymous in Tampa

Our old boat had the smile screens that zipped from the bottom and rolled up. When we had screens installed by a local installer in Tampa to existing eisenglass on our new boat in 2012 he suggested the smile screens go in upside down and here is why. When it rains we can now open the window partially as they zip from the top down. With the eisenglass on the inside and screen on the outside if we open the window partially, the water can hit the window and run out of the boat. Therefore in a Florida thunderstorm we can still get some air flow and keep the water out. Works great! You can open it as much or as little as you like depending on the rain flow.

He is right, but as with everything in life you get something you give something up. Allowing the smile to go in upside down does allow for adjustment, but letting them hang on the zipper teeth like that will eventually wear out the teeth. It's a lot to ask of those puny little teeth. So evaluate which one is more important and go for it. No right or wrong, just what is important in your boating lifestyle. Happy boating!

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