Is it possible to have an Enclosure for rain with screens for airflow?

by D
(Kissimmee, Fl)

Looking for enclosure for sea ray sundeck that can provide occasional rain protection while on water and with screen options for occasional last minute camp out on deck?

Sure it is very possible, in fact there are a variety of ways to accomplish screens in a boat enclosure.
They can be built into the panel when the panel is built. This style would require the plastic to have a smile zipper built into it. This smile zipper would then unzip and a portion of the plastic would roll up and secure to straps, allowing airflow through the screens. There are a couple of ways screen can be sewn into the boat enclosure panel with this style.

Another style, is velcro or zippers that can be sewn on to the inside of each enclosure panel. The screen panel would be an exact duplicate of the plastic panels, zippers and all. The screen panel would velcro to the inside of the plastic panel at the top, which would roll up and secure to roll up straps. In the mean time secured by velcro or zippers the identical screen panel would interlock with with whatever zipper was available next to it.
This style allows the screen panels to be removed and stowed.
Screen is more vulnerable to the sun, so removable screens are nice.
I hope this answers your question.

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